African Diaspora in Jamaica

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What slavery was like in jamaica...

Slavery was very degrading and the people who dealt with it had to go through all types of abuse. All they wanted was freedom and peace. Although, this was made clear there were still wars between slaves (also known as maroons) and British army members due to resistance to slavery. Maroons are slaves who escaped and went to the mountains seeking Freedom, Shelter, and Food. It was very hard for slaves in Jamaica. Even though they could've lost they're lives they would rather die than be victims to their oppressors.


Resistance to slavery

The soil makes things grow

There were many ways that slaves in Jamaica resisted but the best way and most affecting way was by doing rebellions and starting wars. There were two main wars in Jamaica that went down in history as a bloodbath. The first main war was the maroon war of 1730's. They all agreed they would rather die than serve their oppressors anymore. Then the other war was between the same people except the slave owners were in it too now. This war was in the 1790's. This affected the British greatly because they were scared for what happens next. This fear helped the slaves. There were many rebellions but to me these were the most important.


African Diaspora in Jamaica


Africa is the soil to Jamaica. African people were put in Jamaica because of slave masters, they escaped, and even to buy their family back if they were free too. The African people taught the Jamaican people many things. Especially food dishes. These vary such as Ackee, Rice and peas, and even fish soup. They were mostly all slaves unless they were Maroons so they often were very united. Africa is the soil of every country.



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"OOh - oo child things are gonna get easier."

-The five stairsteps

Things back then were very hard for them but since they have gone through that now we dont have to.


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